BetVictor represents a 60 year old brand that has retained many of the values that defined Victor Chandler including honesty and integrity. With a loyal base of customers and followers, the brand has also chosen to open an online casino, which replicates the same quality of customer service that can be found on high streets throughout the UK.

BetVictor Casino Games

Perhaps the best thing about the BetVictor casino (aside from its customer focus, of course) is the sheer range and depth of games available. You can find a huge selection of classic casino formats including popular games such as European Roulette and blackjack, to more and more diverse offerings such as The Game of Thrones slot, which combines the classic casino slot with the TV hit.

Through keeping up to date with the local trends of entertainment, and choosing their slots wisely they provide plenty of games that tap into the trends that people love. Game of Thrones is always popular, and while the slots may not be able to recreate the cutthroat nature of the show, they can still bring together some of the popular characters found in it, and create an adventure is slot machine form.

Through using the multi-line, more complicated slots format, the games offer a more diverse experience. That isn’t to say though that the people looking for the more old school style of slots are left out, there is plenty of choice for everyone.

BetVictor are big believers in the merits of progressive jackpots and many of their slot games feature massive incremental jackpots as players increase their stakes or ‘level up’ on the games themselves. Huge multipliers are on offer with many of their games so it is well worth trying as many of the slots as you can before settling on the one that suits your playing style.

Perhaps the most impressive of BetVictor’s offerings is their Live Casino which feature four virtual casinos offering a variety of games with numerous tables, dealers and stake limits. The Extreme Live Casino is for the highest of rollers and some serious money passes over the tables on a daily basis – you’re welcome to watch as the action unfolds but don’t expect to get a seat without a hefty bankroll to back you.

BetVictor Casino Offers and Promotions

Before you prioritise your game of choice, however, it is important to understand the full range of casino welcome bonuses and promotions available through the BetVictor brand. These are extremely bountiful, with new players instantly eligible for an unconditional £175 welcome bonus when they register.

Loyal gamblers can also cash in with the brand, with cumulative bonuses available to the value of £3000 for those who place regular and high value wagers. Of course the precise amount that you are eligible for depends on your level of activity and bank roll, but those with enough disposable income can genuinely cash in.

Aside from the welcome and loyalty bonuses; BetVictor’s promotions focus heavily on their SportsBook betting instead of the casino. The progressive jackpots offered on the slots and big money tables are clearly BetVictor’s way of saying they don’t feel the need to offer you the world – you have to take it from them!

As an alternative to offers and promotions, BetVictor do have an instant win section that features games such as scratch cards, numbers games and lottery style features. Essentially, these games require little effort from the player to secure an instant win – the odds vary wildly from game to game but, then again, so do the prizes.

BetVictor Casino Mobile App

Apple users can find the BetVictor app via the App Store and, after downloading, will have access to the full spectrum of their services from a single application – as you would expect from such a big company.

However, Android users won’t find the BetVictor app in the Android Marketplace or Google Play Stores. Instead, to download the Android app you are directed to a link that asks you to allow downloads from unknown sources on your mobile device – something that can massively harm the security of your mobile or tablet device.

We recommend exercising caution when being asked to change settings to download any applications, even from trusted companies such as BetVictor, and advise you access the casino via the website rather than potentially compromise the security of your device.

As an app, BetVictor’s Casino is fairly standard and doesn’t offer anything world beating. As a combination app between all of BetVictor’s services, it doesn’t seem too sure as to what it is – is it a bookmaking app or a casino app; it just doesn’t know for certain.

BetVictor Casino Payment Options

With such a wide range of free casino bonus options and more than 500 games available, you will want to get started and claim your bonuses straight away. To credit your BetVictor account, simply register your preferred payment option from the choice available on screen and complete the transaction.

There are number of transfer options available, from e-wallet service providers such as Webmoney and PayPal to reputable card issuers like Visa and MasterCard. These platforms will all allow for instant transactions without compromising on security.

BetVictor, at present, don’t offer any system of withdrawal that bypasses the standard working day delays so the fastest you can access your winnings is between 1-3 working days – it can take up to six working days with some card providers so it’s best not to rely on these withdrawals if you need the funds urgently.

As always, we stress that you gamble responsibly and within your means. If you need the funds desperately then this is a sign of reckless gambling and you should never allow yourself to get into debt as a byproduct of gambling.

BetVictor Casino Security

In this new technical age there can be dangers surrounding your account with regard to internet security. With BetVictor you can be sure that they are always working to protect not only the games you want to play, but the money you deposit and the winnings you may make. Through keeping to the standards and practices around the handling of your details and your cash they protect you against fraud and the dangers of the Internet, they also provide an excellent customer support for if things go wrong.

One thing you as the customer must remember is to protect your passwords, as this is your key to the account that you will be holding with BetVictor. Do not share this information with people, and always be careful if you are using the site when you are in public, even on your phone. BetVictor and their customer support team will help you to keep your money safe, but you must do your part too. This goes without saying really, but the number one thing that BetVictor want is for you to have a continued fun experience without the hassle of any problems being caused while you are playing.

We do advise regularly updating your password as betting accounts are often targeted by fraudsters. If they gain access to just a few of your personal details; they can compromise your account and access your funds in a matter of days. BetVictor strive to protect you as much as they can but they do ask that you take on some of the responsibility yourself to avoid losses.

BetVictor Casino in Summary

Through wise choices and a look to having a successful future, BetVictor realise that the most important people in this future, is you. Through keeping your experience on the BetVictor site a fun, entertaining and safe one they look to form a relationship with you that makes you know that you can return at any time and enjoy some responsible enjoyment. BetVictor are definitely a company you can trust with providing you with the best service possible.

We still have reservations surrounding the mobile app but BetVictor are geared more towards the desktop/laptop markets it would seem. A Multipurpose app is all well and good but it lacks focus and it is easy to get lost due to a confusing layout between casino and sportsbook.

Hopefully, BetVictor can address these app issues in the near future and ensure their Android version is made available through the registered marketplaces to avoid the need for changing your settings to access it – that is a huge no no online.

  • £200 Welcome Bonus
  • Huge Selection of Casino Games
  • Live Casino
  • Great Customer Support
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App