While the Betway Casino brand may lack some of the punch of established high street operators, it is one that has forged a genuine reputation for quality and technological advancement. Instead of prioritising hype and excessive brand promotion, it has partnered with market leading software firm Microgaming to create a safe, secure and ultimately stimulating gaming experience. This is just one of the reasons why the Betway Casino is increasingly popular in the online marketplace, although there are others to consider.

Betway Casino Offers and Promotions

The Betway Casino has followed the template set by other independent brands, by creating a number of aggressive and innovative promotions that are aimed at generating customer loyalty. New players can, if they play their cards right, qualify for up to £1000 in welcome funds and free casino bonus rewards.

Bonuses are structured through three individual deposit matches, with 100% available on first commitments up to £250 and 25% on second deposits to the value of £250 or less. There is even the potential for a third match of 50% up to £500, meaning that loyal players will benefit considerably by partnering with the brand.

Far short of this repeat welcome bonus, Betway aren’t currently offering any other incentives to their customers as far as we can tell. There’s no mention of any offers or promotions on the entirety of their website.

It seems odd that a casino wouldn’t do more to retain customers alongside attracting new business but it seems Betway aren’t in the market to dangle tempting offers in front of their customers and instead draw them in and then simply let them play – a no hassle approach that clearly appeals to a large audience.

Betway Casino Games

Betway Casino hosts a unique selection of casino games. Aside from the traditional casino games on offer like roulette and blackjack, Betway Casino also offers a range of modern games like themed slots such as the popular Marvel Slot game. Regardless of your taste in casino games, it’s likely that you’ll find something that suits you at the Betway Casino.

The key to Betway Casino’s casino games strategy is to keep things fresh and fun. With popular characters like the Marvel Superheroes they entice players with their innovative use of the slot machine game. Extending it from just a simple game of luck, through adding multi-line adventure style slot machine experiences, they bring a new level of fun to the games they have on offer.

This is done with the knowledge that keeping things fresh gives a superior experience for the player and most importantly builds up a good player base of loyal customers.

There are many games on Betway’s casino that we didn’t recognise to be honest and we are fairly certain that Betway have the exclusive rights to many of the games on their casino website. Whether the games are designed specifically for their use or if they tie the developers into exclusivity deals is their business – we’re just pleased to see fresh games hitting the market at last.

It is true to say that Betway have a fairly strong focus on slots ahead of the more traditional table games but this is no bad thing as Betway hold the record for the highest ever pay out which was won on the spin of a slot machine (£13.2 million).

Aside from their mega money slots, you can still enjoy table and arcade games with Betway with live dealers and huge jackpots of their own

Betway Casino Payment Options

With so many free casino bonus options available, it is only natural that you should want to get started immediately! To do this, you simply need to access one of the Betway Casino’s secure payment options, which generally allow for the instant transfer of funds from a bank or building society account.

MasterCard, Visa and Maestro are the most popular options for crediting an account, while there is an increasingly demand for electronic transfer platforms such as Skrill, Neteller and the universally renowned PayPal. The Betway Casino is also one of the few operators that accept the Paysafe Card, offering solutions that are even more flexible to impatient players!

Betway are without doubt the most flexible in terms of payment and withdrawal methods as they accept more transaction methods than any other bookmaker/casino we’ve encountered but that isn’t to say they haven’t restricted some aspects of the process.

In a week’s period, you can only withdraw a maximum of £4,000 and, if you’ve secured winnings from free bets, you’re limited to around £100 of withdrawal at any one time – it’s a fair system that allows you enough freedom to enjoy your winnings but puts a cap on withdrawals that might attract attention of the financial authority – a safety net of sorts.

Betway Casino Security and Support

Along with all of the fun that Betway Casino offer to their customers, they also fully realise the need for security. When large sums of money are changing hands, especially in the form of winnings this has to be securely handled. Betway Casino have all of the protections in place to make sure that your money is safe at all times.

To make sure this is the case; always protect your passwords to the Betway Casino site, as this is your protection, and key to your account, and your money. If there are ever any problems with this, Betway Casino’s customer support will always be at hand to offer any help that they can provide. Even if this is a technical problem that isn’t related to the website, if it is stopping you from getting onto the site itself, they can offer you help in making sure you remedy the problem and get back to having fun.

In the rare instance that Betway’s customer service team aren’t available to assist you; their help centre is full of useful information that goes a long way to resolving problems without the need to speak to an agent.

With such high level security and brilliant customer service; it’s very unlikely that you’ll encounter any issues with Betway and you can rely on them to keep you safe during your gambling experience.

Betway Mobile App

Despite a very well designed, user friendly app – there have been some negative reviews on the app store surrounding the functionality of the welcome bonus. It is very important that you read the terms and conditions of the offer before you make a deposit; especially on the mobile platform which has left some customers confused as to how to access their bonus.

In brief, it would be best for new customers to access the welcome bonus via the website where the terms and conditions are more accessible. Subsequently, you can log in to the mobile app and make use of the bonus without complication.

It might be worth mentioning that the app performs much more smoothly on a larger screen such as an iPad or similar tablet when compared to a smartphone. The reduced size of the graphics etc make for a difficult experience on a phone frankly – no fault of Betway’s in truth but something that may need addressing in the future.

Betway Casino in Summary

Betway Casino are fast growing bookmakers who are making an impression with customers fast, and that is down to the fact that they can be trusted. With top customer support, they focus on letting you get to the important thing, and that is fun.

Betting and online casino games should always be played responsibly and within your means, and Betway Casino will always be on hand as your website of choice. Through repaying your loyalty to them, they will be on hand with the best odds, and offers to give you the best gambling experience they can possibly give.

The positives are overwhelming in Betway’s favour but the lack of promotions after your third deposit are is somewhat concerning. There’s very little incentive for customers to repeatedly deposit with Betway and no bonus credit as you play to make use of – the progressive jackpots are an incentive in themselves but is it enough to build the business on? Perhaps not when you look at the plethora of offers available elsewhere.

Betway Mobile

Betway free bet
  • £1000 Welcome Bonus
  • Huge Selection of Casino Games
  • Live Casino
  • Great Customer Support
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App