Coral Casino

Coral enjoys a solid reputation of being one of the most trustworthy online casino operators in the UK. Offering a wide array of casino games including online slots, blackjack, and roulette, Coral Casino works to cover all of your online gaming and betting needs.

Coral Casino Offers and Promotions

Coral currently provides one of the best bonus deals in the market for new customers. Offers include an amazing welcome bonus of £50. This bonus can be accessed by new players with an insanely low deposit of just £10. Customers are free to make bigger deposits since their initial ten is ring-fenced to unlock the £50 bonus, so don’t worry about the amount you want to put in, as long as it’s over £10.

With the customer happiness always in their minds, Coral are constantly looking for ways to keep their customers happy providing them with bonus packages in the form of cash backs on a weekly basis and other attractive promotions every day, which works to liven up their offers. Players are rewarded with comp points for every play made, which can be cashed out at any point in time. This works as a nice safety net when needed.

Coral also makes sure they take good care of its regular customers and high rollers by offering high redemption rates on the earned comp points as they move on from Bronze and reach the Platinum grade.

A superb addition to Coral’s promotion package is their revolutionary Connect Card. In brief, the card allows you to access your winnings from any Coral branch with no delays whatsoever. If you’ve had a particularly profitable day on the digital tables; the last thing you want to do is wait several working days to make use of your winnings – the Connect Card removes this issue in one fell swoop.

Coral Casino Games

With a focus on fun, Coral prides itself in maintaining the perfect balance between tradition and innovation. They have an exhaustive array of titles to include a wide range of slotsroulette, and blackjack. Presentation is the key and Coral understands this perfectly. This is evident in the overall quality of games and availability of all popular online casino games to satisfy all kinds of customers.

With a wide array of three and five reel slots in classic and revamped formats, high quality slots, progressive jackpots, as well as other titles based on popular movie franchises such as the Marvel Avenger series.

Perhaps most essential to Coral’s casino offerings are the table games. Many of their games offer live tables to truly bring the casino to life as you play against real players with the aim of winning big. Granted, some of the games such as 3 card brag and Baccarat don’t offer this live option but it’s incredibly rare to see these older games on offer with an online casino.

If cards and slots aren’t for you; there’s also a wealth of options in Coral’s other games section that you might not consider on a regular basis. Casino favourites such as Keno and the Jackpot Wheel are hidden away in this section along with several free to play games such as bowling, darts and even penalty shoot out.

All bases are covered with Coral Casino and you really ought to explore the site fully before putting your chips on the table – you might find the perfect game for you without ever knowing it existed!

Coral Mobile App

So many people access casino games via their smartphones and tablets these days that the online casinos can’t afford not to create a mobile app – thankfully Coral have created just such an app.

Essentially, the app is a condensed version of Coral’s Casino website but that isn’t to say any of the functionality is lost as part of the condensing process. In fact, the usability of the app is absolutely superb – Coral have clearly invested a lot of time and effort to make their app as user friendly as possible.

The biggest complaint when a website is condensed to an app is the lack of understanding the designers have that controlling a page with a mouse is very different to using your finger. You lose a great deal of accuracy; something that is essential when playing casino games!

Thankfully, Coral’s app has been designed for use with touch controls and several of the buttons and functions have been enlarged to make it easier to use and harder to make a mistake. This isn’t to say that Coral’s app is totally perfect; there’s always room for improvement, but it is one of the best representations of a casino site we’ve seen.

No expense has been spared when Coral created this app and you can immerse yourself totally in the casino environment just as easily on a mobile device as you can when using a computer – plus the app itself is completely free!

Coral Casino Payment Options

With an integrated wallet platform, customers enjoy complete access to sportsbook, games, and poker rooms apart from the online casino. You don’t need multiple usernames and passwords for each arena. A single username grants you access everywhere. All major credit cards and debit cards are accepted. To register at the site and take advantage of Coral’s great casino bonuses, a new customer just has to pay a deposit of £5.

As mentioned, the Coral Connect Card has revolutionised deposits and withdrawals by allowing you to handle all your money matters in a Coral branch. You can deposit a cash sum into your Coral Casino account using the card and withdraw your winnings immediately simply by swiping the card – not many bookies offer such a convenient service.

In terms of withdrawals and deposits aside of the Connect Card; deposits from your bank account should reach your Coral account immediately but withdrawals can take several working days thanks to financial security and verification checks – the casino can’t prevent these sadly.

You can also use several other payment methods including Skrill and PayPal which are much faster as a general rule. Skrill guarantee a withdrawal within 24 hours and PayPal can usually match this unless a large withdrawal is made; then security checks are required.

The Connect Card is the fastest, easiest way to handle the financial side of your account but is offered exclusively by Coral – a great incentive to opt for Coral Casino.

Coral Casino Security

When running a customer-facing website like Coral Casino, which handles large amounts of money, security is always important. This is why Coral Casino and their customer support service are always on hand to make sure that your enjoyment of their betting and gaming systems are second-to-none. If there is one thing you can be sure of Coral Casino are a company that you can trust.

Always remember that your password is the key to the fun that can be had with Coral Casino. More importantly, this password is also the key to your winnings, should you get lucky. Coral work with you to make sure that your password is secure enough to protect your account, so never share your details with other people who may want to get access to your money. If you do ever encounter problems though, be sure that the customer support team will be at hand to help you with any problems you may have.

With a mind on your security, but most of all on making your experience with Coral Casino a fun time, Coral have managed to become a company known for reliability. As bookmakers, they understand what makes betting and online casino games fun, and are there to provide you with that service. Always remember though to do so with a level of responsibility. Keep your account topped up, and don’t bet outside of your means.

Coral do encourage their players to use their Connect Card to handle financial matters regarding their account as it gives you an extra layer of security. Not only do you need to go to a Coral branch to access your funds, you will also need to input your PIN and there are several ID checks required when the card is first set up so the staff have a better idea of whether or not it is the account holder attempting to withdraw funds.

Coral Customer Service

As one of the few online bookmakers who still have a strong high street presence, Coral are masters of customer service whether it is face to face, over the telephone, e-mail or even Live Chat – you’re completely covered with Coral.

It is very unlikely that anything will go wrong with Coral but, in the worst case scenario, if something does or you have a question that needs answering – their extensive help section will no doubt provide the solution to your problem.

If you still feel the need to speak to someone, their lines are open 24/7 and their e-mail response time is faster than just about anyone else’s on the market. The best option is definitely their Live Chat feature as you’ll find yourself connected to an agent in minutes and your problem can be resolved just as quickly.

Expertise from such friendly staff makes for a wholly satisfying experience should you need to contact Coral at any time and their help centre is like an encyclopaedia of resolutions – you won’t find better service anywhere else.

Coral Casino in Summary

With a viewpoint of being one of the biggest online bookmakers well into the future, Coral Casino always have an eye on the modern technology and getting methods that will work for you to keep your level of enjoyment high. Whether it be competitive odds, new forms of betting to liven up the events you watch, or just giving you the most innovative casino games, Coral Casino is a wise choice for your online casino site, for now and for many more days to come.

The incentives and innovations that Coral have added to their service in the last 12 months are beyond comparison. Their casino site constantly evolves with new games, a refined user interface and payment flexibility that can’t be beaten by any one else on the UK market – why would you use any one else?

  • £10 Free No Deposit
  • £50 Welcome Bonus
  • Huge Selection of Casino Games
  • Live Casino
  • Great Customer Support
  • Easy-to-use Mobile App